200 biscuits for Jenson

"I like cake," said Jenson Button at the Hungaroring, hinting at the hobbit within. On the eve of his 200th Formula One race, third place on the grid and the chances of winning his bicentennial Grand Prix seemed to be of secondary importance.

"Maybe I'll get a cake, so that's definitely one good aspect," he said with his usual mischievous grin.
It seems he can never get his fill: "At dinner yesterday evening, the team had a cake for me. In the hotel, there was another. So I've already managed two and I'm open to another one later on."

Unfortunately, nothing came of it. While Jenson was dreaming of all manner of cakes in the qualifying debrief and discussing strategy and telemetry data with his engineers at the same time (to the extent that the huge, imaginary cake plate in his head permitted), Jessica and Papa John in the McLaren motor home were busy preparing a cocktail reception – without cake!

Instead, there were monstrous lollipop-shaped biscuits and mini biscuits in three different flavours and designs – the Union Jack, the number 200 and his initials JB – Jensons to get your teeth into, so to speak. The other drivers happily munched away, and even Mercedes motorsport boss Norbert Haug was seen to be nibbling one. Button had flown to the Nürburgring last weekend to congratulate Haug on his 300th Grand Prix – Jenson is still 100 biscuits short of that target.

After the really very tasty biscuits (Our professional opinion: "Incredibly delicious. We obviously had to try them as the jelly babies from the Nürburgring were all snaffled long ago.") had all been consumed and the guests and the team had departed the McLaren hospitality suite, Sebastian Vettel and Bernie Ecclestone popped round and presented Jenson with an elegant black cigar-shaped box wrapped with a rather questionable pink ribbon. Maybe this contained the cake that Jenson had been yearning for?
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