Singer uses front page of The Times as photo ID to get passport

Singer uses front page of Times as photo ID to get passportPA

US singer John Grant stunned American embassy officials in London when he used a newspaper's front page as a photo ID to obtain a new passport.

The award-winning singer-songwriter was due to fly London to Verona for a show when he realised at the airport that he'd forgotten his passport.

He made an emergency dash to the embassy for a replacement, but the only form of ID he had was that day's edition of The Times, which ha featured him on the front page.

The singer - who has had well-publicised battles with stage fight and addiction to drugs, drink and sex - had won the Best Live Act at the Mojo Awards the night before.

He told 'I said to the security guards, "I haven't got any ID, but here I am on the front page of The Times today".

'They read it, and I saw the look on their faces change from delight to horror as they realised that they had a drug-addicted pervert standing in front of them.

'Then one of them said, "It's good enough for me. I doubt you've gone to all the trouble of printing a copy just to fool us".'

The Queen of Denmark singer was issued a passport in less than two hours and caught a flight to Ferrara, Italy, 'just in time to walk on stage'.
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