Niki Lauda: Looking good for Vettel

Niki Lauda believes Sebastian Vettel is on the way to another victory in Hungary, but as he explains to Autoblog UK, there is still everything to play for.

Niki Lauda, is everything back to normal in the world of Sebastian Vettel?Niki Lauda: Absolutely. Pole position – you can't ask more of the man. He has everything under control.

So the night shift put in by the mechanics was all worthwhile?
Yes, he did everything he was supposed to – he couldn't have done more.

Is the fact that he can take pole under the new regulations a guarantee of victory in tomorrow's race?
A pole here is just as important as in Monte Carlo – there's no question about that. Even so, you still have to win the race. Sebastian has the right conditions in place for a win, as long as he drives intelligently, treats his tyres properly and employs the right strategy.

Lewis Hamilton seems to have taken great inspiration from his victory at the Nürburgring...
McLaren have caught up, but without Sebastian's error, the difference would have been three-tenths – that's quite a lot. We're actually back to where we were before the Nürburgring.

Michael Schumacher starts from ninth, and we've got four Germans in the Top Ten...
If Michael drives well, he can stay ninth, but I'm afraid he won't progress any further forward, as the Mercedes needs more tyres for the full race distance and the Budapest track destroys them.
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