That's a sandwich! Is this the biggest Ploughman's ever?


One of the biggest Ploughman's lunches ever was unveiled at the UK Foodies Festival event in Battersea Park this week.

TV chef and food writer Paul Merrett is revealed the unique piece of food art that included over 1 tonne of Seriously Strong cheddar 160 bloomers, 21 kilos of lettuce, 60 kilos of tomatoes, 1,500 spring onions, 6,500 pickled onions, 100 litres of pickle, and 175 kilos of butter.

This edible supersize food art structure, which was a Guinness World Record attempt, was on on display for one day only before it was dismantled and shared amongst spectators to enjoy for their lunch.

The next Foodies Festival event, Food on Forth, is held at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh on 8 August, and guests get a chance to get involved in a range of activities including seafood preparation, cocktail mixing, interactive demonstrations and tours of the Restaurant and Brasserie kitchens as well as tips and recipes for creating the perfect summer dishes from Executive Chef Stuart Muir and his team.

For more information call 0131 524 8350.

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