German pile-up crash test is scariest ever

Crash test videos normally send a bit of a shiver down our spines, but they are reassuring more than anything these days as they show just how far car safety has come in recent times.

This is compounded when you see a test done to modern standards on an older vehicle and realise how much worse it could be. Like this carefully staged pile-up involving a lorry, a Mitsubishi Lancer estate and a 1990s Renault Megane.
The test was set up to simulate what could happen when a large vehicle approaches a stationary line of traffic that is waiting behind another large lorry – creating a lorry sandwich if you like.

But this is like a sandwich where the chef leans heavily on the top slice of bread, squashing the contents to a mush that is nothing like their original form. Total destruction doesn't come close to describing the result.

Perhaps the scariest thing about it all is that the lorry only was only approaching at 70km/h (43mph), so not even at motorway speeds. This is what could happen even if the driver had eased off slightly.

The motivation for this is a little more serious than a bunch of German engineer chaps destroying things mindlessly, ADAC wants to make the inclusion of emergency brake assist on large trucks mandatory. They make a compelling case.

If you don't speak German, or just want to skip straight to the big crashes, head to 1 min 30 seconds in.

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