Bentley smashes into four other supercars in Monte Carlo prang

A low-speed car crash is embarrassing enough, but when it happens in front of a crowd, the humiliation factor is intensified.

But if crashing your £250,000 Bentley Azure in Monte Carlo's trendy Place du Casino at the height of summer makes it that bit worse, then crashing your Bentley into an Aston Martin Rapide, Ferrari F430, Porsche 911 and a Mercedes Benz S Class sends it off the scale.
First she collided with the £75,000 S Class, scraping down its side, and then crashed into the £140,000 Ferrari. The £150,000 Aston Rapide and an £80,000 Porsche 911 also suffered in the incident.

To compound matters, any hopes of a quick getaway were ruined when the blonde woman behind the wheel and her two female passengers found that the Bentley's doors were blocked by two of the cars so they had to stay in situ while crowds formed around the crash, all pointing cameras at the incident.

As well as the rear damage to the Mercedes, the Bentley, Aston, Porsche and Ferrari all need new front wings and bumpers, resulting in estimated damage of around £40,000.

Quite an insurance claim, but it is unlikely "chronic embarrassment" is on the list of things you can claim for under personal injury.
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