Nicolas Sarkozy gives his private plane a £250m million makeover

Nicolas Sarkozy gives his private plane a £250m million makeoverPA

While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge fly commercial on BA, and David Cameron takes trips on Easyjet, Nicolas Sarkozy is having £65k ovens installed ito his private plane.

The French president and wife Carla Bruni live the jet set lifestyle on the £50 million Airbus A330.

The aircraft, which was brought from Air Caraibes, cost an eye-watering £250 million extra to refit, and also includes an ensuite double bedroom, Nespresso machine and £2 million office.

But it is the high-spec - and high-cost - ovens that might raise eyebrows in France.

Auditors highlighted the appearance of the two electric ovens, which are unprecedented in aviation history, pointing out their cost of €75,234.

Researching and fitting a system of electric shutters in the Sarkozy's cabin came to almost £1 million.

And a further £1million was spent sealing a door leading to Mr Sarkozy's office, and putting in extra storage space for his files.

The A330 also comes with a missile defence system, a medical room and a conference room for 12.

The Sarkozys are well known for their lavish lifestyle. They were forced to abandon their annual Bastille Day garden party last July, after it emerged that they were spending more than £600,000 on it - as well as up to £660 a day on flowers.

The couple has been photographed this month enjoying a holiday at one of their presidential holiday homes on the French Riviera, and are thought to be spending much of August on vacation while Carla prepares for the arrival of their first child.

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