Like rallying? Then let the Government know and save UK forests

If you're a rally fan in the UK, then it's more than likely you'll have watched or competed on an event that uses public forestry land.

If you want to carry on doing that, then you'll want to let the Government know - and fast.
Forestry use in the UK is being investigated by an independent panel that will report back to the government with recommendations for future use. However, the panel has only one representative of leisure users - and that is the Ramblers' Association.

This means there is no one directly representing the interests of motor racing, and in particular, rallying, which is making the sport's governing body, the Motor Sports Association (MSA), very nervous indeed.

"It is essential that as many people as possible emphasise the importance to motor sport of continued access to the public forest estate," said MSA Chief Executive, Colin Hilton.

"If we fail to do this, there is every chance that the requirements of motor sport will simply not be considered by the panel."

The MSA is urging all those with an interest in the sport to help their cause by letting the Government know just how important forests are to rallying.

The panel has issued five questions related to forestry use and you can find the form and further details at the MSA website.
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