World's most expensive hotdog? Mushroom dust and caviar for £50

World's most expensive hotdog? For £50 you'll get mushroom dust and caviarBrockton Rox

Hot diggity dog, that's one expensive sausage!

With a price tag of $80 (£50), this Massachusetts baseball stadium whopper is vying for the title of world's most expensive hot dog.

The new foot-long 'McMullen Dog' at Brockton Roxstadium went on sale this week, and offers you mushroom dust, caviar and truffle toppings in return for your money.

Manager Sander Scotland told The Enterprise that the fancy snack will still pack the familiar ball park taste punch.

He described it as a 'cross of the redneck meets the rich and famous'.

According to Mr Scotland the McMullen Dog - named after Atlantic City chef Ryan McMullen who came up with the idea - features a half-pound all-beef sausage rolled in truffle oil, coated with the dust of pulverised porcini mushrooms and topped with white truffle shavings.

Even the bread roll's gone lah-de-dah, with the hand-made buckwheat blini coming from one of Cape Cod's most exclusive bakeries.

And instead of the usual ketchup and mustard, the McMullen comes with a caviar and creme fraiche dressing and salmon roe.

But will the Michelin-worthy hot dog prove a hit with the stadium's down-to-earth punters?

And would you pay £50 for a hot dog? Let us know below...

World's most expensive hotdog:

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