Video: Silverstone crash shows Blissett's corner-taking ability has faded

Some sportsmen are naturally talented and can turn their hand to anything involving co-ordination and competition. Some are not.

On this evidence at least, it would appear that, when it comes to motorsport, Luther Blissett might never reach the heights of his football career. The former Watford, AC Milan and England striker managed to flip his Morgan while racing in the Silverstone Classic last weekend.
Thankfully the 53-year-old stepped out of the car almost immediately after it came to a halt without sustaining any serious injuries, but the Morgan was less lucky, and he will have been grateful for his helmet as he showed off the scrapes it picked up as he rolled three times.

Luther seemed unaffected by the crash when being interviewed later in the day, pledging not to give up and stating his intention to keep trying to beat rock star Rick Parfitt jr.

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