Richard Hammond handed US car show

Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond looks set to get his own show in America as the BBC expands its stateside programme lineup.

The Beeb has confirmed that the diminutive star will front a new series called 'Hard Drive with Richard Hammond' based on the World's Toughest Driving Tests show.

It will see the Hamster travelling across America to compete with local experts behind the wheel of a weird and wonderful range of machines (presumably tanks, combine harvesters and those everglade boats we vaguely remember from the sixties show Gentle Ben).

Of course the Yanks won't have had to endure the awfulness of the original programme, which saw Will Mellor and Kirsten O'Brien face-off in a weekly gurning contest based exclusively on their mutual incompetence.

If you're suddenly thinking the format sounds perfect for James May, you'd be right. But rather than providing a foil for Hammond's childishness, the middle-aged geek has been handed an American version of Man Lab to present.

We're not holding out great hope for that either, but BBC America does have one interesting new show tucked up its sleeve. AUTO Biography (geddit?) is pitched as Who Do You Think You Are? for cars, and will trace the history of a lost classic each week.

Potentially fascinating, but who to front it? The job would require patience, consideration and a soft touch. Clarkson it is then.
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