Red Bull wants to make road cars

Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing intends to make the most of its recent tie-up with Infiniti by starting to make road cars.

The Red Bull boss Christian Horner said: "Red Bull used to be known only as an energy drink company, but now it is recognised as an engineering team. It's a natural evolution for us to get involved in road car engineering."
The team would "use Red Bull's expertise outside F1" and the result could be a sports car co-developed with Infiniti along the lines of the Renault Clio Williams hot hatch of the mid 1990s.

Infiniti is already supposedly seeing the benefit of the tie up, helped largely by Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel's work as an ambassador for the brand. Having the Infiniti name emblazoned on the back of the young German's car will have helped as well, given how much time he has spent at the front of the F1 field this season.

Even if the brand's reach is not as global as it could be just yet, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso will probably have the name Infiniti burnt onto the inside of their eyelids while they sleep.

Infiniti plans to continue expanding its model range elsewhere, with an electric car geared towards matching the performance of the Tesla Roadster. It also intends to extend its hybrid offering, partly aided by a partnership with Daimler.
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