Video: On board with 311mph motorbike speed record

Perhaps it's just because we've seen Anthony Hopkin's slightly bizarre 'World's Fastest Indian' flick a few too many times, but there's something weirdly evocative about motorbike speed records.

No, actually, we don't mean evocative do we - we mean terrifying. Last week, Bill Warner managed to crank his hand-built turbo-charged Suzuki Hayabusa up to an astonishing 311mph, shattering the previous record of 278mph.

Unfortunately he couldn't claim the title because he was unable to make a quick enough return leg, but he did go to the trouble of taping a camera to the nose of his bike so we could share the ride.

Just to put the experience into context, the 1,000bhp machine reaches 60mph in 2.4 seconds and took a mile to slow down. Even Warner was quoted as saying, "It was a little bit scary".

We believe him. Click below to watch.

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