Even kids are sick of footballer salaries

While the rest of the country gets angry about footballers' salaries, and what they are doing to both the game and the aspirations of the nation, there has always been one group that's sure never to waiver in their support for their idols - kids. However, a new survey reveals they are starting to feel just as unimpressed as the rest of us.

So who do they think should be paid the most, and what does this tell us about the next generation's priorities?

Who should be paid most?
Top of the list, compiled by Clydesdale Bank, is doctors and nurses, with 34% of primary school children thinking they should be paid the most out of any profession. This was closely followed by soldiers - some 23% of kids felt that they should be paid the most. Other professions near the top of the pile included Firefighters, parents and teachers.

Attitudes varied between boys and girls. Girls were most likely to think doctors and nurses should earn the most (37% compared to 28% of boys). Boys were more likely to say soldiers should be paid more (30% while only 19% of girls shared the sentiment). Meanwhile only 1% of girls and 4% of boys felt footballers should be paid the most, and pop stars failed to muster more than 1% from either gender.

What this tells us
This reveals some interesting things about the next generation. The first is that gender divides continue. You only have to look at the boys' enthusiasm for soldiers and the girl's passion for parenting to see that we are a long way from equality.

It also goes to show that you can never tell at this stage what children will actually end up doing. There is a strong sense that they value those jobs that they have first hand experience of and an understanding of, and mysterious things like accountancy and law are well off the radar. For parents this means it's virtually impossible to tell whether your child will want to go to university until it is far too late to do anything about it. It means we must all plan for higher education, just in case, from as young an age as possible.

Finally, a separate part of the study reveals something even more alarming. When asked to estimate how much they would earn when they left school, the most popular answer was £50 a week. This reveals just how little they actually understand about money. Given that they will be shopping with their parents and many will have pocket money of their own, this is alarming.

Financial education needs to start as young as possible, with a real grasp of the basics, or these kids have no hope of mastering everything they need to when they are put in charge of budgets of their own. Of course no-one expects boffins in nappies, but by the age of 10 surely children should understand that £50 a week is going to struggle to keep a roof over their heads - let alone feed them.

It's time we all took responsibility for our kids and helped them gain an understanding from an early age. Clearly there's nothing we can do if they choose to ignore our advice later on, but at the very least they need a solid grounding in the basics before they are let loose in a world where doctors, soldiers, firefighters and parents are not the only adults they value.

Who should be paid the most - girls
Doctors / nurses 37%
Soldiers 19%
Firefighters 9%
Parents 7%
Teachers 3%
Footballers 1%

Who should be paid the most - boys
Soldiers 30%
Doctors/nurses 28%
Frefighters 7%
Teachers 5%
Footballers 4%
Parents 3%
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