Hamilton: Better than Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton notes some improvements at the Nürburgring this Friday as compared to Silverstone, but doesn't see any chance of pole in qualifying.

There were positive aspects and some negative ones, was how Lewis Hamilton's summed up Friday at the Nürburgring. On the positive front, he found that they ran much better than at Silverstone: "On the long runs, we seem to be just two or three tenths adrift, and that's much better than in the previous race." But considering the negative side of things, he had to confess that McLaren will probably have no chance of being amongst the front runners in qualifying: "We can't find an immediate solution. We lack downforce. That' s the only thing that's stopping me and Jenson from posting similar times to the other drivers."
A few small updates that McLaren brought to Germany made for some improvement at least. In Hamilton's opinion, though, the team must now simply continue in the same direction: "Anyway, the race will be a different story. I think Ferrari and Red Bull will be very fast. We expect to be right behind them. We can achieve the greatest impact in the race, since we always seem to close the gap a bit, but in view of the changeable conditions and the cooler weather, we may be able to attack one of the Ferraris or a Red Bull. We will close the gap. We are known for our ability to turn the tide, and we still think we can. Ferrari have now closed on Red Bull and have overtaken us in doing so, but it's not over yet."
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