Gordon Murray's Batman car crashes

The start of the Batman Live tour was briefly under threat this week after the Gordon Murray-designed Batmobile was involved in a crash during rehearsals.

The F1 designer's futuristic vehicle was being manoeuvred onto stage when it spun into part of the Gotham City set and was damaged in the process.
According to the BBC, the spare car that was on static display in Manchester city centre was brought along in time to allow the show to continue on time as the damage to the original car was considered too great for it to go on stage.

"We hope that won't ever happen again," Batman Live set designer Es Devlin told BBC News. "Luckily we had two [cars]. It wasn't good. You couldn't have put it on stage."

However, he said that the team was able to salvage the set, saying: ""It literally came out, swizzled around and crashed into the Bank of Gotham. The Bank of Gotham took a bit of a hit but we patched it up and I don't think anyone would notice."

"But the Batmobile, we had to rescue the one that we had sitting in the Printworks in Manchester."

The car is reportedly closer to an F1 car than the huge, marauding beasts that have recently featured in the Batman movies, which is possibly why it looks a little delicate.

It's supposed to be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, and cloaked in 'breathing' carbon fibre, but we prefer our Batmobiles to be a bit more...butch. And to be able to turn without crashing into the scenery.
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