New BBC cuts could kill F1

Such is the pressure to cut costs at the BBC (though not exec salaries yet) the BBC could scrap Formula 1, bring a whole raft of repeats back - and perhaps even the test card. Broadcasting could be cut after 1am and some minority sports, including darts, could also go.

Losing speed

Losing F1 would help save the Beeb at lead £50m a year, possibly substantially more. At the same time, the BBC is also planning a massive 'Delivering Quality First' program, which will see thousands of job cuts. It sounds fairly chaotic. No doubt the reality TV and cooking shows will survive. (Keep your priorities.)

Prepare, then, for extra repeats. No doubt many will complain that they pay a licence fee not to watch repeats. But plenty of rubbish is pumped out by non-BBC channel; the BBC still deliver a quality standard not matched generally speaking, or likely to, despite some glaring weaknesses.

Test card return?

Don't forget you pay, indirectly, for channels like ITV through huge ad costs, paid for at the supermarket till. Nothing's free.

We'll know more shortly once top BBC execs have met the governing body today to discuss what's precisely on the table. Perhaps the BBC could also take a look at all the endless national and regional weather reports too.

What could a new test card look like? Or a reprise of the eight-year-old girl with her clown Bubbles and all those noughts and crosses?

Apparently those test card boxes and colour bars helped TV engineers adjust centering and focus; the strong colours of the clown and girl helped reproduce brightness and contrast. A bit of useless info.

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