Princess Diana memorial fund to fold

£100m to 350 good causes isn't bad going. But now the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund will close. There's thought to be around £13m of cash still left to be handed out before the fund officially folds at the end of next year - after quite a controversial 15-year working life.funds

On-going work

Much of the recent controversy over the fund stems from the switch of focus: it swung away from tragedies like child bereavement to more general mainstream social issues such as mental health and palliative care, prison reform, support for refugees and asylum seekers.

Some might complain of the emphasis change but the princess supported a broad range of humanitarian campaigns. Many of the charities she supported have since been taken on by Prince William and Prince Harry, such as homeless charity Centrepoint.


Her fund would have also managed to conserve some of its financial strength if it hadn't lost a fight with US company Franklin Mint from making commemorative dolls of the dead woman.

But better to close rather than limp on with fewer and fewer funds (it is claimed that the charity would always have a finite life).

It's also about relevance. Princess Diana has been dead for some years. How much does her name still resonate with the public? It's not so clear any more, despite a slight resurgence in support for the monarchy since her death in Paris.
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