Obama motorcade fined for not paying congestion charge

The London Congestion Charge has surely snared its biggest fish yet with the news that the most powerful man in the world has been handed a £120 penalty notice for not paying the £10 fee.

Apparently US President Barack Obama has been fined for not ponying up the dough when his motorcade passed through the capital on a state visit in May.
Despite travelling in a fleet of vehicles, there is just one fine to pay because the President's convoy drove so close together that the ANPR cameras only picked out a single vehicle. Crafty.

Presumably Transport for London also had some issues with notifying Mr Obama about his penalty as the political heavyweight fled the country on his private jet not long afterwards.

Of course the President's fine is just the cherry on top of a £5m unpaid congestion charge bill that the US Embassy has been running up for years.

According to the Sun newspaper, London Mayor Boris Johnson raised the issue with the American leader during his visit, but was no doubt rebuked with the same well-worn response used by diplomats the world over.

Diplomatic immunity. Lucky for some.
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