Video: The 'bus-boat' making Amsterdam airport stopovers fun

Everyone always dreads drawn-out stopovers on long-haul flights.

So Schipol International Airport outside Amsterdam has dedicated itself to ensuring stopovers are no longer brain-numbingly boring - by offering city tours to travellers with waits longer than 4 hours aboard the Floating Dutchman, an amphibious boat.

The Dutchman looks like a normal bus until it drives straight into one of Amsterdam's canals and its rotors kick into gear, at which point it looks like the world's least efficient motorboat.

After about 45 minutes of sightseeing, the bus wades back out of the water and becomes an automobile again. Genius. reports that busy international hubs across the globe are making more and more of an effort to keep waiting fliers entertained and provide very-short term visitors with opportunities to spend money locally.

Turkish Airlines offers similar tours in Istanbul and the StarLine Tour company offers a similar, if tackier, experience in Los Angeles.

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