Forklift truck foils robber's getaway

The rules of a swift getaway from the scene of a crime are simple. Make sure you have enough petrol, don't stall, and definitely don't crash into anything badly enough to immobilise your car.

The alleged thief in this case managed to pass the first two requirements, but failed spectacularly in the third as he collided with the forklift truck driven by the owner of the store in Norway he was trying to burgle.
The quick thinking tractor driver, 66-year-old Harald Mikkelsen, simply hoisted the front of the robber's Mercedes up off the ground and waited for the police to arrive, which they duly did and then carted him off for questioning.

The would-be robber struggled so much to free his car that by the time the police arrived, 45 minutes later, he had got all four of his wheels off the ground. Bizarrely he eventually gave up, but instead of getting out and scarpering, he sat in his car and lit a cigarette and waited for the police to arrive.

Best of all, apparently Mikkelsen has been praised for his actions rather than rebuked for acting in a less than conventional manner to help the police.

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