Kate and William's 'erotic' Seychelles honeymoon souvenir

Ruth Doherty

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were presented with a rather rude-looking souvenir by the Seychelles government after enjoying their honeymoon at its North Island - a mysterious coconut famed for its erotic shape.

People flock to the Vallee de Mai, on Praslin, the Seychelles' second largest island, to see the coconut of the famous coco-de-mer palm trees.

On the tree, the coconut is a giant green orb, but inside, with the outer husk removed, it closely resembles a female human bottom.

Not surprisingly, coco-de-mer nuts sell for high prices and you need an export permit to take them out of the Seychelles.

In China, the meat of the nut is taken as an aphrodisiac.

And as if the nut's rotund charms were not enough, the trees themselves are clearly male and female.

While the female trees bear the nuts - which grow for about seven years before they fall - the male trees grow enormous catkins, giant phallus shaped tubes studded with hundreds of delicate yellow flowers that give off a musky odour.

In Seychelles creole, the fruit is called "coco fesse" which crudely translates as 'bum nut'.

We wonder where they've got it displayed at home...

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