Toy bus 'parked' outside shop given £50 ticket

Ruth Doherty

Traffic wardens did nothing to improve their public relations when they slapped a £50 fine on a toy bus after spotting it 'parked' outside a hairdressers.

The miniature bus had been put outside Giovanni's Hair Salon in Brighton, East Sussex, by owner Giovanni Cortessi to promote his shop.

Measuring less than a metre-high and just a few feet long, it had been occupying a tiny space on the busy road for more than a month.

But, despite being a hit with his clients, boss Giovanni was left stunned after spotting a parking inspector eyeing up the child's plaything.

A furious Giovanni said: 'The bus is just a bit of fun, but then one day I spotted this warden eyeing it up ... then he got on his phone to his office, obviously to check whether he should give it a ticket or not.

He got off the phone and issued the bus with a ticket. I cannot believe they put a ticket on the bus. I only put it there to give people a little smile and promote the salon.'

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