Three-door Porsche Cajun set to rival Range Rover Evoque

A set of renderings showing a three-door Porsche SUV which have leaked from the manufacturer's design headquarters would appear to suggest that it is preparing a rival for Range Rover's eye-catching Evoque.

The pictures reveal a rakish coupe version of the five-door Cajun model which Porsche is expected to launch within two years.
According to Autocar, the magazine which revealed the images, the concept is the result of styling exercise, but show where the future three-door car is likely to draw its influences from.

Porsche confirmed that it would build the Cajun in March this year, using the Audi Q5 as a base. There's no official word on the coupe version, but the overwhelming early success of the Evoque has made it clear to the industry that there is substantial public appetite for such a model.

The three-door car will likely look quite different from the five-door, with the renderings suggesting that both the 911 and the 959 rally car may offer significant design cues.

Click here to see the leaked pictures.
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