New York's 9/11 memorial site set to attract 10,000 visitors a day

Ruth Doherty

September 11 2011 will mark ten years since terror attacks on New York's Twin Towers killed thousands of people.

The September 11 Memorial is being created to honour the memory of the victims who lost their lives.

And it is expected to become one of the most popular attractions in New York, with up to 10,000 visitors a day.

More than 66,000 people applied for visitor passes to the memorial in the first three days of reservations opening. A private ceremony for victims' families is being held at the site on 11 September, before it opens to the public on 12 September.

There will be two pools where the towers stood, surrounded by 450 oak trees. Between them will stand the Museum Pavilion, which will feature mementos donated by victims' relatives, and tell their stories. Artefacts will be displayed in the foyer, including remnants of twisted steel from the Twin Towers.

People are advised to reserve their passes as far in advance as possible to guarantee a date and time of their choice (, minimum donation $10). You can reserve up to six months in advance.

See more pics of what the memorial site will look like at

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