Video: Garage owner builds very own turbine-powered Batmobile

Here's one for the child inside you. Rather than assign his dream of driving the Batmobile to a long list of things never likely to happen, Casey Putsch of Putsch Racing decided to construct his own version of the jet-powered 1989 Michael Keaton car.

And he did it right too. Putsch's remake is not some ghastly rebodied saloon - it's a bespoke vehicle complete with a 365bhp Boeing turboshaft engine which drives the wheels through a semi-automatic gearbox.The machine looks the absolute business and sounds...well, like a turbine. Incredibly, the thing is road legal, which means that Putsch gets to roll to work in it. Short of building a Millennium Falcon, we can't think of a better way to commute.

Click below to watch.

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