Teenager on family holiday drowns after hotel pool pump grille missing

A teenager on a family holiday in Bulgaria has been sucked to her death by a swimming pool's circulation pump after hotel workers forgot to place a safety grille over it.

Sarah Eberhardt, 13, from Germany, was on holiday with her father at the resort town of Slatni Pjassazi on the Black Sea in Bulgaria when the tragedy happened.

According to the Daily Mail, a police spokesperson said: 'The pump was so strong that as she swam it had the effect of a whirlpool and pulled her under and sucked her in. It was a terrible way to die.'

The tragedy happened at the Berlin Golden Beach hotel where Sarah was staying. The water in the pool was less than five feet deep.

She was under water for 20 minutes when pool attendants jumped in and found her frail body in the shaft where the pump was situated.

Her father Gerhard has been under sedation as, not only has he just lost his young daughter, but he also lost his wife to a stroke two years ago.

Bulgarian paper The Sofia Echo reported that on the day of the incident the pool was working without a permit for this summer.
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