Dead body found on plane at Madrid airport

The body of a dead Cuban man has been found in the landing gear of a jet at Madrid airport.

The man, 23, was discovered on an Iberia plane after a Wednesday flight from Havana to the Spanish capital, according to the Associated Press.

Spanish media identified the man as Adonis GB, who had injuries to his head and chest, and possibly died from being crushed.

In a similar incident, late last year a North Carolina teen also stowed away in the landing gear of a plane and was found dead near Boston's Logan Airport. It is believed he died from a fall.

Not long before that, a lucky 17-year-old Russian survived a 50-minute flight hiding in a wheel-well.

As of that time, Federal Aviation Administration records revealed that 63 flights have carried 72 wheel-well stowaways since 1996. Only 12 survived.

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