The speed camera phone

Now that the authorities have to paint speed cameras bright yellow and position warning signs somewhere along the road, it is getting trickier to miss the big wallet-emptying boxes.

But there are still a few tricks that can be employed by those crafty camera partnerships, and driving down an unfamiliar stretch of road can be tinged with a sense of foreboding every time you turn a tight corner.
Now Road Pilot has launched an application for mobile phones that will point out exactly where every one of the UK's 5,500 cameras are lurking – including the probable locations of those pesky mobile speed traps.

Dashboard devices have been available for a while now, but buying yet another piece of technology to clutter up your car is no longer necessary for owners of the right smartphone.

The App is available to download on a trial basis for 59p. This brings 30 days of use, and thereafter the subscription is £2.99 for a month, £14.99 for a year or £29.99 for three years.

That might not be as cheap as Angry Birds, but it will do a lot more to save you money than our addictive, pig-destroying avian chums.

"In these straitened times the last thing cash-strapped drivers need is a speeding fine for having crept over the limit on an unfamiliar road," said James Flynn, CEO of RoadPilot.

"RoadPilot Mobile can help motorists be more aware of local speed limits and all upcoming fixed and mobile speed detection sites, meaning they can focus fully on the road ahead and keep a clean licence".

As well as iTunes, ( the App is also available on the Blackberry App World, the Android Market Place, and the Nokia Ovi store.
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