Sir Stirling Moss says it with a Cygnet

Sir Stirling Moss isn't just the greatest driver never to win the F1 world championship, it turns out he's also an old sweetie at heart.

The racing legend has bought (although we imagine a former Aston driver might have been able to wangle a discount) his other half – the brilliantly titled Lady Moss – an Aston Martin Cygnet for her birthday.

Sir Stirling Moss said: "My greatest partner in everything that I do, Susie is an amazing person and frankly the best wife a man could have. Since seeing a pre-production Cygnet in January I knew that it was the perfect car for Susie; a proper little piece of British luxury and perfect for our life in town."

Apparently no-one had the heart to tell Sir Stirling that the Cygnet's real attributes have more to do with impressive Japanese packaging than British luxury, but as surprise birthday presents go, it's still a winner.

Let's just hope for his sake that it wasn't a Rapide she was really hankering after...
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