Pint-sized pub! British village opens smallest bar in the world

Ruth Doherty

A Cambridgeshire village has opened the smallest pub in the world - in a redundant red phone box.

Locals angered by the loss of their historic local pub set up The Dog and Bone alehouse in the phone box, which has a small 3ft by 3ft floor.

A carpenter created a triangular bar for the barman to stand behind and punters lined up outside to order their pints and crisps.

Bar staff squeezed into the box in Shepreth, Cambs, pulling pints from a barrel under the bar, and more than 70 drinkers queued down the pavement as they waited to be served.

The tiny drinking hole is believed to be the smallest in the world and was open for just one night.

Alistair Janson, who ran the village pub, which has now been closed, said: 'As part of the action group, we believe this to be the smallest pub in the world and are looking to seek recognition from the Guinness Book of Records.

'We've lost our pub, The Plough, but the parish council has bought the redundant phone box from BT for a pound.'

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