Yours for a song! 14-acre private island drops to £95k from £1.25m

Ruth Doherty

Fancy a slice of celebrity lifestyle? Snap up your very own private island! Richard Branson and Johnny Depp both have one - and so could you for just £95k.

OK, Sully Island, off the Welsh coast, might not be quite as glamorous as Branson's Necker Island, but it does have an exciting past - as a pirate's bolthole.

Plus, at that price, it's a total bargain. The island was on sale for a whopping £1.25 million, but the price has been cut dramatically to just £95, 000.

The 14.5 acre island - which takes just 20 minutes to walk across - is just 400 metres off the Welsh Glamorgan coastline and two miles south of Cardiff.

There are no roads, and access is by boat or on foot. A rocky causeway is uncovered for about three hours either side of low tide.

Chartered Surveyor Chris Hyde told the Daily Mail: 'It's a very popular fishing site and there is also the novelty value of being able to walk to it. There are also some amazing views.'

Mr Hyde added: 'Islands in Britain just don't sell that often. It's as much about owning one just to say: "That piece of land out there in the water belongs to me."

'There is a real mystique to owning an island - and Sully Island is quite mystical.'

Notorious pirate Nighthawk - buccaneer Alfredo de Marisco - established a base there in the 13th century.

And during the Middle Ages it was used by the local smuggling trade.

Evidence has been discovered of Roman and Viking activity on the island - and the Victorians even set up a vineyard there.

The grass, gorse and sandy rock is listed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest - and this is where you'll find the catch. In order to protect its unique environment and history, Sully Island cannot be built on.

'It's highly unlikely you'd ever get planning permission to build on the island,' the Chartered Surveyor said.

'You could maybe get permission for something small and tourism related but you can rule out anything residential.'

Oh well, it would still be cool to have your very own private island!

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