Intel aims for green market

Picture of the Intel logoIt used to be about the speed, baby, but the computer industry is growing up - the next wave of Intel computer chips will be sold on lower power consumption. Dull it may be but it'll be better for all of us in the longer term.
The company predicts that there will be two billion PCs in the world by 2014. In spite of a lot of companies selling video conferencing and other facilities as a green solution the underlying systems use a lot of electricity consumption.

In 2007 there were a billion PCs, using an estimated 320 terrawatts per hour of power. When it gets to 2 billion the hope is that the figure will be down to 151 terrawatts but offer about 17 times the power.

Before anyone gets too carried away and excited it should be pointed out that this isn't going to reduce your home electricity bill much - first off the bills will have gone up plenty enough to negate any benefit, and second power consumption on home computing is still relatively low.

Businesses, however, should find they can increase their computing capacity without their power bills skyrocketing. Also the impact on the environment should - repeat should! - be reduced.
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