No agreement in diffuser dispute

The controversy over the new regulation concerning the blown diffuser is dragging on. At a special meeting convened on Sunday morning, the twelve Formula One teams were unable to reach unanimous agreement as requested on a return to the pre-Silverstone rules.

On Saturday evening, the FIA had held this out as a possible solution to the dispute between Red Bull Renault and McLaren Mercedes.
Apparently, Ferrari and Sauber are still playing hard to get. On Saturday, Red Bull had called for a decision before today's race at Silverstone. After the meeting, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner seemed confident that a solution will be found.

"Well, it looks like we're on the right track, we'll get there eventually," Horner told Autoblog UK. In fact, he is hoping for a solution today (Sunday). Following the meeting, Ross Brawn set off for bilateral discussions with Ferrari.
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