Hairy moment on grid for GP2 front-runner at Silverstone

It was a race against time for one GP2 contender and some Silverstone marshals after stalling on the grid in the second race of the Silverstone weekend.

Trident Racing driver Stefano Coletti was starting in second place for the Sunday morning race after the positions for the first eight finishers in Race 1 were reversed.
But when the lights went out, the Monaco man stalled and had to wait as the whole field streamed past him at speed. He was lucky not to collect the iSport car of Britain's Sam Bird who narrowly avoided ploughing into the back of the stricken Dallara GP2/11.

That wasn't the end of his problems though as marshals then tried to steer Coletti's car into the pitlane before the field came back round again but they were celarly having a few problems with the car's turning circle and a long-winded three-point turn ensued.

Fortunately Coletti was able to restart the race albeit a lap down. He went on to finish 22nd and even set the fastest lap of the 21-lap race with a time of 1:43.262.

The race was won by championship leader, Romain Grosjean with Dani Clos and Saturday's race winner, Giedo Van der Garde, second and third respectively.
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