Exclusive interview with Sebastian Vettel: Nothing to discuss

After the race at Silverstone, Sebastian Vettel saw no need for any discussion with Mark Webber, as he told Autoblog UK.

Sebastian, you've increased your championship lead and secured your ninth podium, so you can get over a second place, right?Sebastian Vettel: Of course, you get annoyed at first, sitting in the car, but you have to immediately put such feelings aside, because the race is still in progress and anything can happen. I was in third place, but couldn't find a direct route past Lewis. I got stuck in a bit of a rut and found things heavy going. We got him on the pit stop, but missed our opportunity, because at that point, Fernando was extending his lead by over a second per lap. We had no chance to mount a serious attack after the final pit stop, which is why I focused on coming home in second place.

Do you think you could have kept Alonso at bay if it hadn't been for that stop?
I would've been quite a bit in front. I was three, four or more seconds ahead of Fernando at that moment in time. We could have at least kept the lead. It's all ifs and buts, but it would have been a different race to the chequered flag; we didn't get that far, though. All in all, the car had the necessary speed, and a win was possible today – but not after pitting.

You and Mark were probably finally told to slow down and to nurse your cars ...
It was clear to me that there was no way of taking the lead unless Fernando made some big mistake. But it's just not realistic to take a second out of him on every lap until the finish. He had too big a cushion. That's why I tried to nurse my tyres, so that I could reach the finish – even if the safety car had come out, I still had tyres left in reserve. There was no reason to attack unnecessarily on the final laps. Then I think we saw that Mark was faster, was catching up. He closed the gap and tried to overtake, but he didn't get past.

Will you have to discuss it internally again?
I think there's nothing to discuss. I think the most important thing is that when I go home tonight, I can look in the mirror and feel fine about myself.

Are you already looking forward to the Nürburgring? Will you do the same again when the rules change?
I think we've seen that Ferrari have caught up by a huge amount and were incredibly strong – even in today's race. That has nothing to do with rules and changes. It's a trend that was already becoming apparent in previous races. We have to do our level best and see that we maintain our position.
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