Exclusive interview with Niki Lauda: Rule changes are incomprehensible

Niki Lauda finds the mid-season rule changes incomprehensible. He is impressed by Vettel's performance, despite the reigning champion finishing only second. Autoblog UK spoke to him after the race.

Have Ferrari benefited from the rule changes?Niki Lauda: It's hard to say. The fact is that the rules have changed halfway through the year. If they hadn't done that, we wouldn't be discussing this now. There are always advantages and disadvantages with these things , and it's incomprehensible that they have allowed this .

But you understand that this is the impression that people get when Ferrari are competing on an aerodynamic track?
Yes, of course. What annoys me is that they couldn't agree on the compromise for the Nürburgring, namely to use the same settings on Saturday and Sunday. Apparently, Sauber wouldn't agree , and if one team votes against, that's the end of the matter. The political wrangling carries on and the public get bored with it . This is fundamentally wrong.

Were Red Bull wrong to issue team orders about who finished second ?
No, not at all. It was quite clear that the two of them were in danger of quite literally running each other off the track, because Webber was driving very aggressively. I can perfectly well understand Horner making that call over the radio, simply because he was worried about his two cars. So they followed instructions and crossed the line second and third. That's fine by me.

With regard to the performance of Ferrari in general, was that essentially because of the new rules or because they've overhauled their car?
Because they've overhauled their car. I can't say whether the new rules played a part, but in any case, they deserved to win.

How about the performance of Sebastian Vettel today?
It was perfect. He made no mistakes and finished second. What more can you ask of him?

If he hadn't had that botched stop, would he have managed to beat Alonso?
No, I don't think so. Alonso was too fast.

What about the Mercedes performance today?
Reasonable. As always, you can't really criticise them. Michael was given a stop-and-go penalty today, which I don't understand. A drive-through penalty would have sufficed, but that's the decision that was made.
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