Women are the real job losers

The recession has been tough - but its been toughest on working women, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The ONS claims women are more likely to lose full-time employment than their male colleagues. And since 2008 it's reckoned there has been a loss of nearly 1m UK jobs.

20% difference - or worse

In just the last year, the ONS claims there is now 5.7% fewer women working full time compared to a 4.7% drop for men. That's, more or less, a 20% difference.

So far, at least. That's because the real force of much of the job cuts, particularly public sector ones, has yet to be felt. And disproportionately more women work in the public sector than men.

The ONS' 'net loss' - a calculation measuring job losses against newly created ones - of 1m posts also means more people, particularly women, scrabbling for part-time positions.

Tax credit pressure

There is also stark regional worries. For example, more than 30,000 women living in Wales lost their jobs between now and 2008 compared to around 9,000 ten. A huge gender discrepancy.

Don't forget that many families are also struggling with cuts to childcare funding. The childcare tax credit has been snipped and funding for services such as nursery places is also under strain. Which makes it harder for women to find suitable, child-friendly work.

The ONS adds that most typical families have seen their monthly income drop by around £17.50. Up to 2008/9, the average weekly household income was £703. This had slumped to £699 a year on.
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