Google+ shuts business accounts

Picture of the Google logo on a doorGoogle has celebrated the second week of its new social network, Google+, by slamming the door on business accounts for the moment and withdrawing the facility for existing account holders.
The company is pitching the service as a personal one immediately and will no doubt be creating business profiles in due course, although it hasn't said anything public about a timetable just yet.

It made the announcement on its blog, referring to "a team, an organisation, a business, a brand, an NGO, a university etc." as the sort of people who would be removed and blog The Next Web reported it had been taken off within hours, although its individual staff members retain their accounts.


No doubt this is Google trying to keep a much closer watch on the network's roll-out than it did with its previous assault on the market, Google Buzz, when it autojoined everybody who had a Gmail account. This had serious implications for privacy as contacts were shared and there was at least one case of a woman being reunited over the ether with her abusive husband.

This time the company seems to have gone completely the other way, actively seeking out people wanting to use the service for their business and removing them. At least this time it's likely to end up causing bad feeling and not actual harm or alarm.

Daily Finance will report back when the organisation announces what it plans to do for its small business community. This goes some way to explaining why Google Apps users can't use their accounts to access Google+.
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