Two thirds of Brits think clouds provide sun protection in UK

Roshina Jowaheer

A study by the North West Cancer Research Fund shows that two thirds of us don't wear sun cream in the UK because we think clouds will protect us from the sun.

Shockingly 65 per cent of Brits shun sun protection cream at home, even though 96 per cent are prepared to use it abroad.

Of those who did use sun cream at home, 35 per cent admitted they only applied it after their skin felt burned and the damage had already been done.

The study is part of The Clouds Don't Cover campaign, which aims to educate people about the damaging effects of UV rays, even when they're not directly exposed to the sun.

CEO of the North West Cancer Research Fund Anne Jackson said the statistics showed how worrying, a huge number of Brits neglect to take care of themselves in the sun.

'Whilst our country may not have a tropical climate, dangerous UVA and UVB rays still make their way through the clouds and dramatically increase the risk of developing skin cancer,' she warned.

'It's important for people to know that hundreds of new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year that can be directly linked to UV exposure in the UK.

'For the sake of a couple of minutes, applying sunscreen can actually save your life.'

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