£2.5m turbine fight hits High Court

Jane and Julian Davis were so stressed out with the racket from their local wind turbines that they moved out of their farm. They are now attempting a £2.5m compensation bid at the High Court in a test case that should establish where noise pollution from the eight turbine wind farm is a noise nuisance - or not.

Sleep deprivation

"I want to stop the noise so we can go back home and relax and sleep and live like we did five years ago," Jane Davis from Lincolnshire told local media. "It is a horrible noise. It is unpredictable but occurs mainly in the course of the night."

The defendants include the turbine operatives and RC Tinsley Ltd and Nicholas Watts who rented the land out for the wind farm. Either shut down the turbines or compensate the Davis' with £2.5m - that's the Davis' argument.

City vs Country

The case will likely focus on technical issues over how much noise is generated by the turbines and whether this noise is acceptable, or not. Previous independent studies have claimed that there is something called "wind turbine syndrome" where the swishing noise can cause psychological stress.

But how do city dwellers cope? Fire alarms. Police sirens. Fights. These are all unexpected and - depending on where you live - constant too. Just ask someone who lives close to a flight path.

The government now plans to build around 6,000 new turbines onshore in the next decade. If you're planning to move to the countryside, you may need to pick with care. And for those already living in the countryside, it could be ear plugs - or move.

But if the Davis' win, your options may widen again. This looks like a test case. You can download the case particulars here.
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