Prince Andrew doubles his travel bill costing YOU £358,763

Roshina Jowaheer

Just as we find out how the Queen saved £1.8million by cutting her spending by 5.3 per cent, it's revealed that Prince Andrew has doubled his travel costs to £358,763.

The Duke of York has racked up the huge bill from foreign trips to promote British business in Asia and the Middle East.

From May 3-11 last year, Andrew travelled in a chartered aircraft to Kuwait, Bahrain and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia costing taxpayers £88,612. His trips last year also include £121,810 for one tour of Italy, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

The Duke's chartered aircraft trip from April 13-24 included stops at three cities in Kazakhstan, where he has friends.

His spending on trips in 2009/10 was £154,000 and the year before was £143,000, so £358,763 is a huge leap, especially at a time when the royals are working to cut costs.

TaxPayers' Alliance's Emma Boon told the Daily Mail: 'Taxpayers will be surprised to see that the cost of Prince Andrew's trips has rocketed in a year when he hasn't exactly covered himself in glory.

'There is no need for lavish spending and it is especially insensitive at a time when millions of taxpayers are tightening their own belts.'

Prince Andrew's high foreign travel spending was revealed in the Queen's accounts for the 2010/11 financial year.


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