China-Microsoft challenge to Google

Picture of the Bing logo on a shirtMicrosoft has tied up a deal with Baidu, the biggest website in China, whereby its Bing search engine gets all the English language search traffic from the site. The deal will be a heavy blow to Google, never best friends with China but this is a major deal for its competition.
The situation is slightly complicated by Google and China's antipathy towards each other (see the links below for a quick refresher). Google is nonetheless the second biggest website in the country.


Microsoft's presence has until now been tiny over there but this will almost certainly change immediately this new deal takes effect.

It's what might be called taking market share from under Google's nose when it was least expecting it. Baidu, although unheard of in the West, has 75% of the Chinese market and that's the biggest market in the world.

Google has every right to be sick as a proverbial dog about this. It's not that it's losing its market anywhere else, simply that it's been completely bypassed for something so massive.
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