Winklevoss Twins submit to Facebook

Picture of the Winklevoss TwinsCameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the twins who were appealing against an earlier judgement in favour of Facebook, have abandoned their quest to extract more money from it. Presumably the $65m they've already had will prevent them from starving.
The two had alleged that Mark Zuckerberg, the current acknowledged owner of Facebook (inasmuch as anyone can own something with that many shareholders) stole their ideas in the early part of this century.

In 2008 they accepted the aforementioned sum in full and final settlement. Then earlier this year they resurfaced appealing that decision but failing because the judge ruled that they'd accepted a settlement, and only last week suggested they should have more yet again as there was new evidence.

This latest development appears to put the issue to rest permanently.

A deal's a deal

The two haven't given any reason for their sudden capitulation but it does look to me as an outsider that if you accept something in full and final settlement then it should be final. And full.

The American judiciary appears to have agreed, since the judge in the earlier case this year described the settlement as "favourable".

The original dispute between Zuckerberg and the Winklevoss twins formed the basis of the Oscar-nominated movie "The Social Network". Producers will be kicking themselves that they caved in so quickly, making the prospect of a sequel remote at best.
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