Unusual honeymoon destinations

Caroline Cassidy

Honeymoons are traditionally associated with romantic city breaks or white sand and sunsets but if, as a newlywed couple, you yearn for a unique, unusual, once-in-a-lifetime start to life as husband and wife, there are a number of alternative destinations on offer.

unusual honeymoon ideas
unusual honeymoon ideas

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Volunteer together

For a truly feel-good start to married life, a honeymoon in which you and your spouse give something back is ideal. Volunteering opportunities are available throughout the world and offer the chance to rise to a new challenge, whether it be teaching, building homes or helping to conserve wildlife. Many companies provide quality accommodation too and in between working with the local community, there will be plenty of time to explore.

Remote winter romance
If you really want to get away from it all after a winter wedding, how about a private pod in the mountains? It may not sound luxurious but imagine sheepskin rugs, a wood-burning stove and views across the Alps. Courtesy of the Whitepod village in the Swiss mountains, you could enjoy local cuisine, skiing by day and snuggling by night. It's not cheap but if peace and romance is what you crave, you can't get much better.

Unspoilt Vietnam
Culture-loving couples looking for something other than sun, sea and sand may find Vietnam has exactly what they are looking for. With a rich cultural history, floating markets and spectacular, unspoilt scenery, it's a country that is becoming more and more popular with those with a lust for travel. But for now, at least, it's still reasonable and could give you the experience of a lifetime without the huge bill.

Alaskan wilderness
One of the draws of Alaska is its as yet untamed wilderness. Bears, whales and elk are just some of the wildlife wonders to be seen amid the state's mountains, forests and rivers and for those who love the outdoor life, the landscape is something really special. Try taking a cruise for a chance to see Alaska and its untouched wilderness in all its glory.

Back to nature on a budget
No doubt many of you are struggling to pay for the wedding, let alone a honeymoon. If you are looking for a budget break, however, it doesn't mean you have to do without the romance. Camping is all the rage these days and a yurt is the ideal way to enjoy nature without the discomfort. Whether here in the UK or in warmer climes such as the Mediterranean, many yurts now include hot running water and comfy beds at a very reasonable price. And what could be more romantic than a night under canvas, surrounded by stunning countryside.

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