K-Fed's family cash-in by auctioning Britney memorabilia

We're all looking for ways to make some extra cash in these straitened times, and eBay is more popular than ever as we attempt to profit from our possessions.

I reckon there's a line of what's acceptable to sell though, and Kevin Federline's grandfather has strolled on past it, auctioning items from K-Fed's time married to Britney Spears.

Kevin's grandfather, Earl Story, has just put several items up for auction on eBay, including an invitation to the former couple's wedding, with bids starting at $1,000.

Also included is a hat that Kevin wore to an awards show and an invitation to one of Britney's baby showers. Around 14 wedding pictures are also up for sale, some of which are said to have never been seen before publicly, including a portrait of pregnant Britney.

A message posted on the eBay auction page says Kevin's grandfather is selling the items "to help fund his retirement."

"With the recent death of his wife Betty, (Kevin's grandmother) Earl no longer wishes to keep these items when they can be appreciated by a collector."

K-Fed has apparently given his approval for Earl to make whatever money he can from the internet auction.

So is this a just savvy move by Earl or a tasteless attempt to cash in on Britney?

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