Experts say Ferrari no longer in charge of F1

The days are over when Ferrari is seen to enjoy a position of privilege in formula one.
That is the belief of two highly experienced F1 paddock veterans; the Brazilian journalist Livio Oricchio, and Red Bull's technical boss Adrian Newey.

The former, who writes for the O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper, said Pirelli's choice of tyre compound for next weekend's British grand prix is proof Ferrari can no longer overtly exert its influence.

The Italian team very publicly pushed for the official supplier to swerve its hardest compound for Silverstone, but Pirelli insisted that its final decision was the result of equal consultation with all 12 teams.

"Today's reality for Ferrari in formula one is different," wrote Oricchio, referring to the period when former Minardi owner Paul Stoddart quipped that FIA actually stands for Ferrari International Assistance.

Newey, who during that period a decade ago was with McLaren, remembers it well.

"There was a period around 2002 when there seemed to be so much politics in F1, particularly between Ferrari and the FIA and what they were allowed to get away with," he told The Sun.

"I became disillusioned with the whole sport and started to look around for what else I could do. I needed a fresh challenge and found it with Red Bull. I am really enjoying it at the moment," added Newey.
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