£12m for 250 GTO leaves Chris no change for earplugs

It's all very well owning one of the world's rarest and most expensive classic cars but surely that brings with it some sense of responsibilty, decorum even?

Here's Chris Evans in his Ferrari 250 GTO, thumb aloft and about to lead off a convoy of Children in Need auction winners who raised £500,000 after successfully bidding for a chance to drive one of his seven classic Ferraris. And what's he got in his ears? Bog roll.
When asked about his improvised ear defenders, the Radio Two DJ joked: "I need them as its got Radio One on sometimes," before adding: "This type of car does have an extremely loud throbbing exhaust."

Perhaps having shelled out millions on his collection, Chris is having to count the pennies but if he does need a pair of earplugs we've got a few knocking around the office we can pass on - for a donation to charity, of course.

Mind you, they're used.
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