Video: Morgan Threewheeler goes doughnutty

Britain's ancient marque, Morgan, was already considered a pretty eccentric manufacturer before the unveiling of its latest creation, but the blast-from-the-past Threewheeler is so willfully leftfield that it looks like it sprung from the combined imagination of Barnes Wallis, Sir Clive Sinclair and Charles Babbage.

Amazingly, Morgan has managed to further compound the weirdness by releasing this video ahead of the tricycle's 'dynamic' unveiling at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Anyone expecting an artfully shot, Battle-of-Britain type intro will be bemused by the spectacle of the Threewheeler doing burnouts in a car park.

Still, we saw the contraption in Geneva and already love the thing like the illicit love child of a Reliant Robin and a Spitfire. We're not alone either - apparently Morgan has already taken over 400 orders for the £30k model which hark back to the V-Twin three-wheelers of the pre-war period. Click below to watch the video.
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