Historic English town will be first to ban smoking on the streets

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A historic English market town is set to ban smoking in all public places, making it the first in Britain to ban smoking on its streets.

Stony Stratford plans follow the example of New York, with a campaign to outlaw smoking in all public places.

The town, near Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, will have a new bylaw that would mean anyone caught lighting up in the historic market town would face a fine.

Senior politicians on the council have indicated their support for the scheme, which will be discussed next month.

Stony Stratford Councillor Paul Bartlett, who is leading the campaign, told the Daily Telegraph: 'When you walk through the high street in any town, smoke is in your face and harming you and any children there.

'Smokers then get their butt, which is full of saliva, and chuck it on the floor. It costs millions to clear street rubbish."

The ban, which would be the first of its kind in the country, would be enforced by Police Community Support Officers, traffic wardens and members of the public.

The idea has received mixed reactions, with some smokers in the area complaining that fining people for lighting up outdoors is excessive.

Amanda Sandford, spokeswoman for Action on Smoking and Health, said the move in Stony Stratford would make it the first place in Britain to impose a total ban on smoking in public.

'We have heard of councils banning smoking on play parks and beaches but this would be the first blanket ban on smoking in Britain,' she said.

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